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Urban Density in Growing Cities

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The issue of urban density is one that must consider both cultural and economic factors. Historical growth and the evolution of architectural styles and preferences in a city have a strong influence on the patterns and intensity of development that occur over time. In each project where we develop projections of urban growth, we begin by looking at how the city has grown in the past and how the population is distributed.

Each city has a unique form, and the layout of roads, business districts, and residential areas reflect the influence of many factors which affect development, including the natural landscape, historical architecture and building materials, productive activities, and demographic changes. Many of the cities we work in have undergone (or continue to experience) periods of rapid population growth.

We look at areas of more recent housing expansion, and try to understand how they differ from more established residential areas, in terms of site layout and construction, population density, and the socio-economic status of residents.