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The Uprooted- Examining an Esri Story Map

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Showcasing one of Esris Cascading templates, the Uprooted is a heartfelt examination of the refugee crisis, explored through descriptive statistics, interactive visualization and spatial explorations of one the largest migration of people that have been seen since World War II.   Filled, with a parallax layouts, pull out quotes, tasteful photography, scroll activated bar graphs, satellite imagery and interactive maps of the region, Esri engages the user with every media tool at its disposal.    The assortment of media provides an exploration of the refugee crisis from multiple perspectives, users feel the weight of scale, as photos of individual tents in refugee camps give way to satellite imagery of the entirety of the camps themselves, eventually even this giving way to a regional scale perspective of the flow of people.  With scale established, Esri examines the flow of people through the territory, where are they coming from and what are the hardships they face as they embark on their perilous journeys, questions that are answered as the user scrolls past photos of families huddles together on a barely visible raft or as they cross barbwire lined borders.

As the reader scrolls through vast amount of media and information, it often feels a little overwhelming and with time sensitive users, one cannot help but wonder how many people scrolled through to perhaps the most important component of the storymap and that is the call to action. Titled “How You Can Help?” this section to us is critical, this is due to a fundamental belief by GeoAdaptive that they stories should be more than just for media consumption, the true value of our narratives will be in how well they motivate people to go from consumers to engaged actors of change.