Project Information

Title: KeysMAP: Florida Keys Marine Adaptation Planning Project | From Analyses to Action

Client: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC) – 2013

Project Description

With Florida on the frontline of climate change impacts, assessing the vulnerability of coastal and marine assets has become an ecological imperative. The KeysMAP project entailed prospective assessments of the potential impacts associated with climate change on coastal and marine resources in the Florida Keys. Spatial scenarios were simulated based on two climate change models: sea surface temperature and sea level rise. The KeysMAP project piloted an approach to marine climate adaptation planning based on scenario simulation and several rounds of expert review, and it considered three indicator species and associated coastal and marine habitats. These representative species were chosen for their commercial and recreational importance. Habitats considered included coral reefs, mangrove forests, and sandy beaches. The goal of the project was to assist managers and scientists in the identification, mapping, and evaluation of climate change-induced vulnerabilities of deep water habitats and their inhabitants.

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