Project Information

Title:  The Osa and Golfito Initiative: An Exploration of Scenarios for a Sustainable Future

Client: Stanford Woods Center for the Environment – 2013

Project Description

The project was part of the Osa and Golfito Initiative, an international collaborative effort created to develop strategies for sustainable human development and environmental stewardship in the Osa and Golfito regions of Costa Rica. The initiative was designed to build on previous efforts in the region, and emphasized the inclusive, participatory process that engaged actors at the local, regional and national levels to create shared visions and long-term strategies for a sustainable future. The project focused on the development of three scenarios (trend, rapid growth and proactive) projected for 2030 and integrated the social, cultural and economic dimensions of the region, as well as both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. As a product from these analyses the scenarios will help local decision-makers deal with regional challenges such as uncoordinated development, a weak local economy, little economic diversification, a fragile socioeconomic structure, and limited public infrastructure.

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