Project Information

Title: Analysis of Pluvial Inundation and Storm Surge Vulnerability and Risk for a Coastal City

Client: Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), Iniciativa de Ciudades Emergentes y Sostenibles (ICES) – 2013

Project Description

While the beach and port facilities of Mar del Plata are an important part of the local economy, these coastal infrastructures are vulnerable assets confronted with inundation and erosion due to coastal storms and the effects of climate change. Pluvial inundation within the city’s low-lying areas is a hazard that affects homes, businesses, and other critical infrastructure. Despite data limitations, flood susceptibility analysis, detailed assessments and 3D visualizations were developed of flood-prone areas both in key commercial areas near the coast and within the city’s urban core. Physical and human risk was calculated for both slow and rapid onset hazards, which helped to identify key areas of vulnerability and areas with the greatest need for adaptive solutions. The results of this analysis provided local stakeholders with a clear picture of the implications of hazards on critical infrastructure, populated areas, and ultimately the city’s finances and economic base.

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