Project Information

Title: Multi-hazard, exposure assessment for the Turin Adaptation Strategy

Client: Turin Municipality – 2017

Project Description

The goal of the project is to support the definition of the City`s Climate Change Adaptation Plan, by providing a robust risk profile for multiple hazards and determining effective and concrete actions, with a particular focus on Turin’s industrial district. In order to adequately develop these actions, GeoAdaptive developed an advanced analytical process that combines satellite-derived thermal data with multi-decadal historical temperature data to determinate the most intense heat waves. Previous studies were also used to identify areas susceptible to river flooding. Following this, the GeoAdaptive Risk team prepared a social-economic exposure model that allowed the team to determine the total population and infrastructure affected. Special focus was dedicated to the operations of the industrial areas, historic districts and open spaces. The hazard and risk models allow the team to create valuable information on areas where energy consumption could spike given the spatial distribution of urban heat islands, as well as areas where city and industrial operations could be affected given inundation. Lastly the team will discuss, transfer and integrate results obtained and co-develop, with city officials and other stakeholders, a list of actions and strategies that support the administration, companies and citizens. These recommendations will help the city deal with the consequences of climate change in the most effective way, while reducing existing vulnerability of the territory.


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