Project Information

Title: Regional Economic Spatial Strategy for the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua

Client: Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) – 2015

Project Description

The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is one of the most extensive, yet undeveloped coastlines in Central America. Containing a wealth of natural and cultural resources, the region is characterized by an isolated population and a lack of both services and regional connectivity, affecting the productivity and advancement of the region. As a means to identify and prioritize the most impactful interventions a multi-sectoral spatial analysis and economic evaluation was implemented for five primary economic sectors in the region. In order to identify products that were viable and internationally competitive as exports, a market and value chain analysis, regional accessibility and land suitability analysis were incorporated into the project to identify key regional areas. The resulting spatial economic development strategy and identification of “growth poles” will aid local authorities in the prioritization of strategic interventions and help promote the future vitality of the region.

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