Project Information

Title: Rapid Assessment of Indirect Impacts due to Large-Scale Tourism development and Migration

Client: International Community Foundation (ICF)- 2015

Project Description

Los Cabos is recognized as an international tourism destination. This rapid assessment concentrates on the potential indirect impacts caused by large-scale tourism development in the East Cape, Los Cabos. The region also encompasses the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, an area of importance for regional biodiversity and tourism. This study focused on the indirect impacts of a large tourism development in the East Cape and the subsequent effects upon the population and natural resources. The analysis was based on the assumption that rapid population growth, caused by speculative employment migration, would be a consequence of a large-scale development. Subsequent pressures caused by this growth such as an increase in demand for urbanized land and natural resources (water), and basic services would impact the region. The urbanized growth caused by this influx was modeled for the region and served as a base to calculate the demand for water and basic services and help identify the government agencies that would have to bear these additional costs.

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