Project Information

Title: Probabilistic Flood Risk Analysis of the Sinú River and Landslide Susceptibility Assessment

Client: Findeter-Plataforma de Ciudades Sostenibles y Competitivas – 2014

Project Description

The city of Montería is located in the Sinú River valley, and has established itself on both sides of the river, which is a vital part of the local culture and economy. Unfortunately, the river also poses a hazard to the people and physical resources in its floodplain. A probability analysis was conducted that examined likelihood of the Sinú River Valley becoming inundated, the probability analysis incorporated regional climate projections and the influence of the Urrá dam found upstream. Lastly, a landslide susceptibility analysis was conducted in the southern margins of the city where a marginalized settlement is perched at the base of a large hill. Using remote sensing technologies, vegetation and soil moisture indices were derived to create a landslide susceptibility assessment. The study aided the client in understanding the relative risk of each hazard in the valley and the level of vulnerability faced by the residents of the city, this allowed clients to formulate effective and anticipatory housing and development strategies for the valley.

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