Project Information

Title: Spatial Socio-economic Diagnostic for Priority Territories in Guatemala

Client: Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) – 2016

Project Description

This strategic pilot project was developed for Guatemala, which together with El Salvador and Honduras, form the North Triangle, an area afflicted with serious socioeconomic problems such as pervasive poverty and child migration. The objective is to support the work of the Inter-American Development Bank, which includes a series of strategic actions to ignite development. For that purpose, a scalable and replicable methodology was designed to evaluate the main socioeconomic challenges and productive opportunities. The results are being used to define a multisectoral strategy, with interventions that foster the development and social mobility of the prioritized communities. Moreover, the results will feed into a second phase of the project, in which specific strategies will be defined and evaluated.

 DataXLat Support

Similar to El Salvador, the project in Guatemala moved very quickly into the project design phase due to the existence of data sets that had already been acquired through the DataXLat initiative.  With all publicly available data acquired the consultancy teams  was able to quickly asses the data gaps that would impede the formulation of a rigorous analysis of priority territories, which then allowed us to quickly coordinate with the client any potential data transfer that would be required for the successful completion of the project. 


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