Project Information

Title: Current and Future Flooding Along the Charles and Mystic Rivers

Client: Commonwealth of Massachusetts – 2015

Project Description

As weather patterns shift with climate change, it is critical for major metropolitan areas, like Greater Boston, to understand the increased risk associated with flooding from extreme storm events. A collaborative effort with UMass Boston and UMass Lowell, the purpose of the project is to create integrated hydrologic models of the Charles and Mystic Rivers, that focus on intense precipitation events and the dynamics of flooding in each watershed. Historical precipitation and streamflow measurements are being analyzed in conjunction with climate change projections to understand the full range of storms that are likely to impact the region over the coming decades. The results of this analysis will provide a probabilistic assessment of areas where inundation is likely to occur, which will help the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to prioritize policy decisions and adaptation measures that will ensure the safety of the region’s residents and critical infrastructure.

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