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A River Reborn

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Esri first cascade map help us define what was possible when it came to create short, beautiful and communicative story maps.  A River Reborn, traces the rebirth of Salmon on the Elwha River due to the removal of historical dams that impeded the migration path of the salmon .   From the beginning, the user is entranced by the fish tank looped video of Salmon, meditative enough to be a screen saver, it creates a bridge between the user and waters of the Elwha River.

Using a mix of engaging photographs and satellite imagery juxtapositions that show the before and after, the  user is made of aware of the profound positive changes that this territory is undergoing as a result of the destruction of the dams.  One of our favorite visualization on the story map is the ArcScene enhanced visualization of potential salmon habitat in 25 years, which employs javascript to allow the user to select the salmon species of their choice and to see a simple, clean and communicative relationship between the species of salmon and their potential habitats.