GeoAdaptive's 2021 Internship Application is Now Open

We are seeking team-oriented, energetic, curious, and dedicated candidates for a position as a summer intern. The position is available for 10-12 weeks during the summer of 2021. Students graduating in Spring 2022 or recent graduates are preferred, but all are encouraged to apply. 

While the internship may take place in Boston, MA, due to COVID-19, we are currently working remotely.

Please Fill Out An Online Application form: 

Company Description

GeoAdaptive is an interdisciplinary consulting firm focused on providing research, spatial analyses and strategy to aid decision making in five practice areas:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Social Development
  • Economic Planning
  • Risk management, resilience and climate change
  • Urban and Landscape Planning¬†

We assist clients globally, addressing complex problems by applying advanced geo-economic and socio-ecological approaches and creating insights that empower them to be innovative in the investment policy and management of their territories, communities and assets. In doing so, we aim to reduce our client’s risk and maximize opportunities for sustainable and equitable development. Our team specializes in deploying cutting edge spatial technologies which enable us to develop geographic insights that guide our clients to make more efficient policy and investment decisions.

General Description of the Internship 

As a summer intern you will play a critical role in a variety of our active projects, conducting spatial and quantitative analyses as well as developing new methodologies and tools that can be implemented in our projects across the world. Candidates should be passionate about analytics and design, and have interdisciplinary research interests that include land use, transportation, infrastructure, environment, and development. Experience with quantitative analysis of demographic data and socio-economic indicators is also critical for successful candidates. Candidates are also preferred to have strong creative thinking skills, written and verbal communication skills, graphic representation skills (charts, graphs, cartography etc.), and must work well in teams. Experience working internationally and foreign language skills are preferred but not required. 

Background / Fields of Study 

Candidates should have training in one or more of the following disciplines: 

  • Urban or Regional Planning¬†
  • Spatial Analytics¬†
  • Sustainability/Built Environment Studies¬†
  • Landscape Architecture¬†
  • Environmental Science/Policy¬†
  • Geography or Remote Sensing¬†
  • Economics/International Development

Detailed Description of Responsibilities 

Your primary responsibilities would be: 

  • Assist with the collection and documentation of data; and conduct various types of spatial analysis (e.g. ESRI ArcGIS programs)¬†
  • Conduct literature review, case study investigations, and draft summary text for reports¬†
  • Generate visual presentation for analytical results (e.g. graphic, cartographic diagrams, and maps)¬†
  • Assist designing analytical approaches to implementations to solve spatial planning challenges (ex. urban expansion, sustainable development, accessibility and equity)


  • Strong organizational skills¬†
  • Able to exercise initiative and good judgment in a multicultural and multi-disciplinary team¬†
  • Advanced raster and vector analysis¬†
  • Spatial data management, such as modifying projections and creating metadata¬†
  • Proficiency in ArcGIS, especially ModelBuilder, advanced spatial statistics and cartographic functions¬†

Skills We are looking for a candidate who: 

  • Is a creative and global-minded independent thinker¬†
  • Works collaboratively within teams¬†
  • Is resourceful at solving problems¬†
  • Can balance quantitative and qualitative work¬†
  • Has strong interpersonal skills¬†
  • Is comfortable working in a culturally diverse team and program¬†


  1. Open Application Period: through mid March, 2021
  2. Case Study Interview (for selected candidates): through End of March, 2021
  3. Interviews (Zoom): From the case study interview through End of March , 2021
  4. Intern selections announced in mid April, 2021
  • Hours per week: 40¬†
  • Salary:¬† Competitive monthly stipend


Contact Name: Sulhee Yoon, PhD