Our motivation

Under the collective efforts of global countries, the world’s population living in extreme poverty has declined by half since 1990 (United Nations, 2015).  While this is a significant progress, there are still 836 million people (United Nations, 2015) struggling for the most basic subsistence needs: adequate food, clean drinking water, and sanitation.  With years’ of experiences working in least developed countries, GeoAdaptive is eager to joining global efforts to fight hunger and poverty. We have been actively collaborating with governments, development banks, universities, and other public sector institutions to develop spatial strategies and plans in order to help these people improve their livelihood and capture development opportunity. 

What are the issues to be solved?

Our goal is to address economic development challenges of both local and regional levels, including infrastructure deficiency, social marginalization, productivity falling-behind and the decline of resource-based economy.  We care about the development of traditional primary economic sector, but we also actively explore the possibility of introducing modern manufacturing industry and service sector.  Our high-resolution spatial economic analysis and our deep understanding of resources, market, and development viability allows us to provide pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.

GeoAdaptive’s Integrated Approach

Our approach to development planning builds from GeoAdaptive’s demand-based, multi-sectoral, and culturally sensitive expertise.

Our area of interest

GeoAdaptive helps our clients develop sector-specific growth strategies and integrated socioeconomic development plans in order to unleash the economic potential of developing regions across the globe.

Practice areas

For more information

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Managing Partner
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