Given the growing worldwide urbanization process and the increasing impacts of climate change, developing areas face multiple challenges across their cities and their populations. With the rise of the negative risks posed by climate change, cities are increasing vulnerable to impacts that might affect the quality of life of their populace and the cities natural and economic assets.

GeoAdaptive was born as a Research lab out of MIT and Harvard to deal with the challenges brought by rapid urbanization and climate change, developing economic analysis. Research focused on the exploration the future of urban patterns and the resulting consequences that these patterns would have on future levels of sustainability. The efforts consisted of “spatializing” the future, through the development and analysis of urban and regional information systems.



GeoAdaptive has worked with agencies, initiatives, organizations, and governments, at a local, state, national and multinational level, providing tools that improve the decision making process in cities and regions, across more than 17 countries in several continents. We help them explore the risks and opportunities associated with future regional change, including conservation and integrated development strategies. At GeoAdaptive, nearly ninety percent of our current work is with repeat clients, demonstrating the incredible trust and sense of camaraderie that is emblematic of our work. Our dedication to research and the application of new technologies keeps our work on the cutting edge, and our track record of successful projects over the past years.



The GeoAdaptive team shares a commitment to work closely with our clients and key stakeholders through local and collaborative processes, as well as creating capacity within our client’s organizations. Our design and strategy thinking is based on four principles: empathy, integrated thinking, experimentation, and collaboration. Our work is supported by technologies in natural science, numerical analysis, geographic systems, urban and design planning, public policy, finance, and natural science.

Approach and Uniqueness

GeoAdaptive is a global sustainability research consultancy group specializing in socio-ecological interactions, spatial economics, infrastructure, and land analysis. We help clients solve complex problems by applying advanced geostatistical, spatial econometric (fiscal, economic, and development strategies), and research-based approaches that help them adopt innovative interventions for their territories and assets.

Our services support anticipatory and preventive territorial planning and strategic visioning to secure a sustainable future, through the exploration of regional future growth scenarios and in search of productive and sustainable strategies for planning using geographic information systems (GIS), evaluating the environment from a probabilistic perspective. This translates to the geographic examination of problems and challenges, quantifying socioeconomic and environmental relationships and activities. We structure our projects around interdisciplinary principles, which constantly require us to think systemically and across products and analytical processes.



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