About Us

GeoAdaptive is a global consulting and strategy company that specializes in solving complex economic, environmental, and social problems in a variety of territories, industries, and scales. We deploy and integrate advanced analytics, creativity and locational data-insights, to create robust strategies for our clients worldwide, reducing their risk and maximizing their opportunities for sustainable and inclusive growth. [read more].

What we do

Territorial Economic Development

We devise strategic interventions and programs to improve the socioeconomic prospects of developing economies.

Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure

We combine infrastructure analytics with policy and investment strategies to create more inclusive and sustainable cities.

Urban and Regional Strategy

We identify strategic productive, operational, and organizational challenges to provide critical transformation paths at urban and regional scales that increase growth opportunities and market placement.


Natural Resources and Climate Adaptation

We use territorial intelligence to support climate-smart adaptation strategies and support the long-term viability of vital resources and natural systems.

Governance and Policy

We analyze the complex dynamics of policy instruments and institutional mechanisms, in order to design paths forward for effective public decision-making and the management of the public good.

Telecommunications and DIgitization

We analyze the dynamic relations between telecommunications and digital innovations as vehicles to increase productivity, create inclusive growth and transform economies. 


Tourism and

We create market intelligence and support the design of strategic solutions that inform programs, planning and investments for different tourism sectors in a diversity of destinations.

Social Development and Human Capital Development

We develop data-driven and qualitative analytics  in order to create insights to improve policy, operations and infrastructure on health, human capital and education services. 




From multilateral and social organizations, to government agencies and infrastructure investment banks, a wide range of clients rely on GeoAdaptive for our services.

Our impacts

+16.5 millions
Lives improved
$ 1.73 billion
amount of municipal resources saved through our analysis
countries we have worked in
languages spoken by the team

Our offices

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US (headquarters)

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