Project Information

Title: Resilient Lands and Waters Initiative (RLWI)

Client: US Department of the Interior – 2016

Project Description

The study region spans seven counties in southwest Florida, where a combination of population growth, sea level rise and increasing water temperature threaten coastal, marine and terrestrial ecosystems. This project looks ahead to 2060 to assess resiliency, considering two scenarios with distinct sets of development and conservation policies, as well as the implications they may have on the region’s natural resources and populated coastal areas. To support the formation of partnerships and decision-making to enhance resilience, a website was developed which enables a better understanding of the role habitats play in reducing adverse effects of the projected changes. The project was made possible with the support of the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative, as well as the research and conservation efforts undertaken by our partners in the region.

Click here to visit the website created or here to download the factsheet.

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