Project Information

Title: KeysMAP2 –  Adaptation Planning for the South Florida Environment

Client: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC) – 2016

Project Description

The purpose of the project is to evaluate the choices and effectiveness of potential management actions, triggered by climate-induced environmental changes, to minimize or prevent negative impacts to coastal marine species across a range of urbanization and climate change scenario conditions. The first phase of the project identifies the priority coastal marine species, and the most pressing environmental impacts to their long term survival, through a stakeholder involvement process and coordinated research. With the integration of future scenarios development, the team identifies a suite of adaptation strategies relevant for the management areas and species. Using the STAPLEE methodology the strategies are prioritized to identify the most powerful for each species. At the end with a monitoring program, this project will be able to show which elements might be drawn from currently funded efforts and when and where such efforts might need shifts or expansion.

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