Project Information

Title: Historic and Current Urban Footprint and Urban Growth Scenarios

Client: Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), Iniciativa de Ciudades Emergentes y Sostenibles (ICES) – 2013

Project Description

Barranquilla, the 4th most populous city in Colombia is undergoing rapid growth, mostly in the form of urban sprawl. To best guide the rapid development a comprehensive analysis and projected simulation of future urban development was realized. An urban growth scenario analysis was created in which “trend” and “smart growth” scenarios were used to examine future development patterns. Under the trend scenario, the urban area is expected to grow beyond its city limits. Using “smart growth” modeling however, the study demonstrated how officials in the city could use existing infrastructure and a network of green spaces to create a more compact vision of urban growth that was better apt at handling extreme weather event hazards while also providing its residents with more open space. Additionally, the project aided officials in understanding that the “trend” scenario was the least economically viable option due to extra infrastructure costs associated with providing services to population forced out into the periphery.

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