GeoAdaptive was born as a spin-off of a research group from Harvard and MIT. The first office, the actual headquarters, was established in Boston, MA.
In 2017 the company opened two additional offices in Santiago, Chile and Turin, Italy.




Our Chile office was born from the need to establish a solid and stable entrepreneurial platform to serve our clients in the region. Chile leads in innovation and advanced human capital formation, allowing us to capitalize on the best talent while giving us the opportunity to be fully immersed and sensitive to the cultural diversity and needs of this progressive region. Here we can harness the best available resources to tailor solutions that resonate with the uniqueness of the South American continent.


Contact: Flavio Sciaraffia


Phone: +56.9.92334237 



Massachusetts (USA)


The Boston office is our headquarters and where the former research lab from MIT evolved into an international and highly praised practice, with projects and clients spanning four continents. As a strategic location, Boston allows us to draw the best people from schools like Harvard and MIT and be integrated into an environment of innovation, ideas, and technological development. Here we can track the latest trends and contribute to the universe of professions that cut across our practice.


Contact: Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas


Phone: +1.617.227.8885






The Torino office is part of a continued effort to establish a permanent presence in the European and Africa regions. Torino places us near gravitating points in global development efforts, such as Davos and Geneva. Here we are able to complement and nurture our approaches with the longstanding European tradition and advancement in geospatial planning, while consolidating a platform to betters serve our clients in Europe, Africa and beyond.


Contact: Karelys Fung


Phone: +617-470-6720