As population continues to grow, cities around the world face three types of challenges: rapid urbanization, population shifts, and new synergies between rural areas and urban centers. These challenges imply land use changes that will affect infrastructure provision, governance frameworks, and future investment. Land use dynamics will place stress on critical landscapes, and the services they provide, increasing the susceptibility of cities and communities to climate change.
Managing rapid urbanization requires a scientific approach to understanding the complex patterns and processes associated with land cover changes and population dynamics. Synthesizing analytical information with proactive governance, plans and policies will help decision makers to properly respond to the urban challenges ahead.

Topics of interest

Inequality and Social Development

The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Goals) emphasizes the need to create long-term objectives to address … [read more]

Infrastructure and Mobility

Sustainable mobility requires an integrated planning approach that brings together infrastructure, transport planning, and land use planning. Despite increasing levels of urban mobility, access to amenities, … [read more]

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Growth Management and Urban Futures

Thinking about the long-term is fundamental for the development of effective and impactful policies that are also able to adapt to probable changes. Understanding … [read more]

Housing and Real Estate Development

Smart growth incorporates concepts of inclusive urban development, such as transit-oriented development and mixed-use zoning, which bring together residential uses… [read more]

Open Space design

Green and open spaces offer more than aesthetic values to the urban system, as they can provide critical ecosystem services, thus contributing to the wellbeing and resiliency of communities. Green infrastructure … [read more]

Climate Change and Risk

Climate change is a fundamental aspect of the current urban agenda. It requires the identification of vulnerabilities to natural hazards and the effects of climate change across … [read more]

Data and urban models

Currently urban planning and governance is transitioning towards a science-oriented activity. The science of cities is emerging as a new field in professional disciplines and academic research. Cities have… [read more]