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Infrastructure is recognized as a driver of economic growth and employment, improving trade connections and accessibility to services. But the development of infrastructure is recognized as an increasingly complex task.

For the environment, infrastructure underpins all the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. For communities, infrastructure development is recognized as prominent source of conflict, reducing access to resources and affecting quality of life. The multiple challenges confronted by infrastructure developers potentially lead to increased opposition to projects, delays, and higher construction costs. Thus, there is a pressing need to integrate sustainability into infrastructure projects to ensure social, environmental, institutional, and financial sustainability over all phases of a project’s life cycle.

At GeoAdaptive, we understand the importance of this task on a planet stressed by climate change and diminishing natural resources. We recognize that sustainable infrastructure provides a solid foundation to advance in the SDG’s vision for inclusive development. We want to collaborate closely with our clients to achieve this goal, enhancing the necessary process of transformation in the way infrastructure is conceived, planned, developed and operated.

In our work we use cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies to ensure the development of sustainable infrastructure, connecting the multiple dimensions of sustainability with a long-term territorial planning vision. The use of geospatial data as an instrument of analysis allows us to understand unique territorial conditions and interactions between sectors, improving decision making and producing sound public policy recommendations. We provide integrated planning solutions that combine different variables and scales, bridging administrative borders, and enhancing collaboration between actors and institutions involved. Through our approach to sustainable infrastructure we allow stakeholders to prioritize, plan, design, construct, and operate infrastructure that meet the principles of sustainability.

See how we promote the development of sustainable infrastructure in four levels:

A systemic territorial integrated approach to sustainable infrastructure allows consistency between public policies, regulatory frameworks, institutional organizations, infrastructure, and support services. Also, this approach allows us to identify the right tool to apply in order to integrate a broad range of aspects, including different infrastructure sectors, phases along the project cycle, and geographic locations. 

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