Our Motivation

Improving community health is a key element in promoting sustainable forms of development. Understanding geographic patterns, including the arrangement of health services and natural of environmental threats, is crucial to assessing the inherently interrelated risks to public health.

GeoAdaptive’s Public Health practice area provides analytical insights to improve the health of the community by identifying the geographical element, “where”. Public health problems are spatially dependent and GeoAdaptive identifies interventions by considering:

  • Where are people exposed to greater health risks from the natural and built environment?
  • Where are areas with disproportionately lower access to medical services?
  • What are the correlations between environmental factors and human health behaviors at global, national, regional and local level?


Our Approach

GeoAdaptive proposes a wide range of consulting services to design and implement market-based public health analytics. Our goals for public health are to improve access to high-quality care, reduce inequalities, and identify mitigation measures for environmental health risks. Our analytical approach allows us to:

  • Improve data integrity by incorporating multi-sectoral databases with global, regional, and local data
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative analysis to answer client’s research questions
  • Calculate spatial statistics to provide clients with reliable health indicators for decision making
  • Align health policies with social investing to maximize benefits to public health + human capital
Our Services

We support location-specific analyses that provide a powerful mechanism for clients to understand urban and rural health issues by conveying information and synthesizing data from multiple sources, but for leading to new and precise approach for interpreting urban and rural regions.

Below are our specific public health focus areas:

  • Preventive health service planning
  • Epidemic risk prevention analysis
  • Strategies for health disparity and unsustainable system
  • Strategies for health impacts of environmental changes

Practice areas

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Managing Partner
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Sulhee Yoon
Public Health Expert
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