DevelopExplorer is an easy-to-use web interface that lets users create maps and reports to illustrate, analyze, and understand infrastructure, social, economic and environmental conditions. Development Explorer offers a rich and detailed geographic and statistical database and interactive visualization capabilities, with built-in analytics that enhance regional development studies and allow decision-makers to prioritize their efforts..


Focus Areas


explore multi-modal infrastructure within a socio-economic context.


evaluate education development gaps for intervention and human capital investment programs.

Urban Development

represent and analyze urban development conditions across administrative units.

Public Health

visualize healthcare facilities and identify underserved areas.

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Generate Customized Analysis Reports

GeoAdaptive designed and developed the Development Explorer v1.0 in a way that integrates data with spatial analytics. The Development Explorer allows you to identify and select service and infrastructure gaps across regions with a simple click. It not only helps users with searching and viewing spatial development-related data, but also provides rapid inventory and gap analysis reports for efficient insights generation.

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How is this useful?

. A single web platform for development-related geospatial data saves time and energy;
. Structured data repository covering all of Latin America with consistent data formats;
. Open source database keeps the information up-to-date;
. Powerful visualization and interaction capabilities brings information to life;
. Customizable printing and downloading keep data and insights near at hand.

Where are we going?

. Mining development-related information from open big data sources;
. Assessing multi-scale development conditions based on carefully selected indicators;
. Accessing and visualizing analytics results with a simple click;
. Spatially identifying development gap areas and quantifying the scale of the challenges;
. Recommending strategic moves to improve human, infrastructural and environmental conditions.

Potential users

We look to support different types of clients:


• to understand development conditions
• to evaluate development gaps
• to target strategic intervention and investments

Development planners

• to explore multi-modal infrastructure conditions
• to understand socioeconomic contexts
• to identify potential areas for development


• to access development data
• to compare conditions across regions
• to help develop thematic studies

Do you want to know more?

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Development Explorer 1.0 is among GeoAdaptive’s innovative efforts on helping policy making for international development challenges.

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