Data XLat is a research and development initiative that creates and adapts data science technologies and procedures in order to acquire, manage and visualize big data.  By creating an integrated Latin American database, the initiative seeks to empower our teams, our clients and the public sector. 

R&D Focus Areas


The conversation about data in developing countries should shift from questioning its existence to talking about creating data mining strategies and technologies that identify actionable data and facilitate its acquisition.  At GA we are focusing on automated data mining strategies that interact seamlessly with our internal database.


We want to support and motivate the open data initiatives in Latin America, through the DataXLat initiative we are creating the physical and hardware capacity within GeoAdaptive to be able to host data internally so that we can become a centralized source of  data for anyone working in the Latin American region.  


The DataXLat initiative seeks to create a public facing web presence that strives to use its integrated, regional Latin America database to formulate insightful data-driven snapshots of thematic issues in the region that are easily shareable across platforms. 


Every part of our initiative from acquisition, management and visualization is influenced by the idea by our effort should shed greater clarity on the issues of pressing concern in Latin America.   DataxLat sits at the nexus between data and storytelling  in order to empower and facilitate the ability of GeoAdaptive and the public to tell better stories.

Recent Developments and Inspiration

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