Our probabilistic risk approach

GeoAdaptive has developed and implemented a standardized method to conduct probabilistic exposure, vulnerability, and risk assessments for numerous cities worldwide, including many cities in the Global South. We have specific experience managing and integrating hazards and risk information into planning procedures and instruments, and disaster preparedness. These assessments are used to guide decision-making and planning, and provide a solid base to develop Disaster Risk Management (DRM), Climate Change adaptation (CCA), and resilient urban strategies.

Risk profiles

In our analysis we develop different risk profiles that provide quantitative information regarding the areas where risk is concentrated as well as considering different types of exposed assets and populations. These results provide a clear picture for decision makers in areas where implementation of risk mitigation measures are required. Additional results that are beneficial for decision makers are: total losses for different return periods (PML) and risk premiums (Annual Average Loss, AAL).

Our Services

Probabilistic risk assessment

  • Probabilistic spatial human and socioeconomic exposure assessment.
  • Physical and socioeconomic vulnerability assessment developed through a variety of models using GIS, CAPRA, HAZUS-MH and other tools.
  • Stakeholder involvement during each phase of the risk assessment.
  • Probable economic and human loss calculation: Risk profile development.

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North and South America

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 Africa and Europe

Dr. Enrico Ponte
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