Our motivation

Today, the effects of urbanization and climate change are stressing development all over the world. As cities contribute to climate change, they also become more vulnerable. With this in mind, there is increasing demand to measure and plan for mitigation, adaptation and resilience.

Hundreds of millions of people are exposed to natural hazards: sea level rise, flooding, cyclones and storms, drought, extreme heat and cold. Because of this, infrastructure and basic services are susceptible to impacts, which affects the socioeconomic status and quality of life for people living and working in affected areas. Despite this, many cities and regions have not addressed these challenges, failing to incorporate effective actions, regulations and policies that focus on reducing risk caused by hazards and climate change.

What are the issues to be solved?

We are committed to creating suitable conditions that enhance community, environment and city strength, sustainability and resilience, not only in the present, but also as an evolving state, with the use of empowering tools.

The lack of appropriate action plans; urban and environment plans which have not been adjusted to include climate change; slow response to these rapid transformations due to a lack of capacity and resources; and lack of public awareness on climate variability are current serious issues. The challenges brought by climate change, also represent an opportunity to predict socioeconomic inequality and urban sustainability problems.

GeoAdaptive’s Integrated Approach

Our integrated transdisciplinary evaluation is developed through a climate change assessment, a stakeholder engagement, a risk assessment and a mainstream disaster risk reduction and preparedness process.

Our area of interest

Our company is primarily working on the areas below:

Practice areas

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North and South America

Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas Moreno
Managing Partner
+1 617 227 8885 (GMT -05:00)

 Africa and Europe

Dr. Enrico Ponte
Risk and Resilience Analyst
+1 617 227 8885 (GMT +01:00)

Download Area

  • Multi-hazard

    CC Multi risk

    Multi-hazard modelling and Climate Change

    GeoAdaptive conducts a multi-hazard analysis to identify areas that are affected by multiple hazards. These areas are considered more susceptible to natural hazards, and natural hazard risk. 

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  • Probabilistic Risk


    Probabilistic Risk Assessment

    GeoAdaptive has developed and implemented a standardized method to conduct probabilistic exposure, vulnerability, and risk assessments for numerous cities worldwide, including many cities in the Global South.

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  • Mainstreaming


    Mainstreaming DRR in the Planning

    The mainstreaming of measures to assess and reduce risks and adapt to climate change into urban and regional planning is key to solid solutions, integrating them as processes to develop prosperous, equitable, and sustainable societies.

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