Our Motivation

Agriculture is one of the largest drivers of economic growth and environmental change at the global level. It is also a critical activity that supports both urban and rural livelihoods, particularly in the developing world. Agricultural industries are characterized as being a highly resource-intensive activity, and as the world’s productive landscapes transition towards an era of climatic uncertainty, their long-term sustainability and productivity will depend on the integrated management of soil and water resources, infrastructures, competing land uses, and the social landscape. The integrative and complex nature of agriculture is what motivates GeoAdaptive to address these concerns.


What are the issues to be solved?

The services provided by GeoAdaptive are tailored to the needs of a variety of stakeholders in the agro-industry; from industrial farms, small private producers, and farming communities, to irrigation companies, conservation districts, governments and development organizations. Our clients are interested in improving resource efficiency and productivity, maximizing the array of co-benefits while minimizing the adverse impacts associated with farming, and managing environmental, biodiversity and water resources associated with intensive agriculture. In doing this, we generate complex economic base analyses and spatially-explicit strategies to target appropriate policies for subsidies and pricing, and planning efforts for robust and resilient agricultural systems in the context of climate change, food insecurity and urban expansion.


GeoAdaptive’s Approach

Through its four Areas of Practice, and diverse experience in the Americas and Africa, GeoAdaptive utilizes science-based geospatial analyses that can be applied to integrate knowledge and strategies in agricultural planning. We proceed from geospatial data to spatial modeling and simulation to the design and development of analyses that provide our clients with evidence-based and data-driven decision support systems to achieve their goals. We integrate the power of agricultural science, spatial economics, planning and policy to create tailored solutions for different agro-industries. Moreover, working in the context of the developing world has given us the know-how to devise strategies to overcome potential data-gaps, and move forward with accuracy.

Featured Services

  • Economic and spatially explicit value chain analysis  [see Economic and Development Planning]
  • Agroindustrial resources management and productivity
  • Integrated planning and scenario exploration for resources conservation and productivity of agricultural systems
  • Scenario modeling for climate change and land-use policy impacts [see Climate Change, Risk & Resilience]
  • Spatial econometric modeling
  • Agro-industrial infrastructure evaluation and planning
  • Integrated decision support systems
  • Satellite supported productivity evaluation and suitability analysis [see Data and Technology]

For more information

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Managing Partner
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Flavio Sciaraffia
Regional and Resources Planning Expert
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