As populations shift, cities around the world face two types of challenges: rapid urbanization and population shifts that decrease populations in urban areas. These are challenges of rapid land use changes that will affect future infrastructure and institutional needs, future investment, place stress on surrounding landscapes and may increase susceptibility to climate change. 
The services that we develop aim to increase urban sustainability through a cross-sectoral approach, also recognizing the interrelationships between urban and natural environments. Through this approach, we provide decision makers with comprehensive tools to improve the future development of urban areas considering a range of factors, from density and urban configuration to infrastructure and open space requirements.

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The process of urban analysis and simulation includes an initial data collection and stakeholder engagement phase, followed by research and spatial analysis to understand the historic and current urban and natural conditions of the area of interest. We utilize remote sensing and satellite technology in order to assess land cover and land use changes over time. This is followed by urban growth simulation and modeling, which considers future shifts in populations, assets and market demands, and the distribution of green and grey infrastructure.
This approach considers current and proposed policies and the impacts these are likely to have on future development. Throughout the project we engage stakeholders and local experts in discussion of the context and preliminary results of the analysis, in order to validate and advance the studies, as well as to understand how the results can be most effectively utilized.

Featured Services

  • Urban growth modeling and simulation
  • Green Infrastructure planning and design
  • Urban economics
  • Infrastructure service analysis and cost evaluation
  • Urban design and planning
  • Mobility and housing planning
  • Identify changes in the urban environment
  • Tools for decision makers to prioritize actions

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Featured Project

Analysis of Pluvial Inundation and Storm Surge Vulnerability and Risk | Mar del Plata, Argentina