Alternative Futures for the Region of Telluride, Colorado


Location |  Telluride, Colorado

Project Date |  2008 – 2010

Description | In collaboration with Harvard and MIT researchers, GeoAdaptive developed web services for the exploration of regional growth and its impacts on transportation, economic development, wildlife habitat and visual quality. Scenarios were produced for the conservation and development of the region surrounding Telluride, Colorado. The study considered aspects such as visual quality, land values, and population displacement due to lack of affordable housing. Urban growth models were developed to assess the region’s future trajectories of change under different sets of stakeholder and policy-driven assumptions. Future trend and proactive scenario simulations were evaluated based on visual quality, economic, socio-demographic, environmental, and transportation assumptions. In addition, the project featured a spatially-enabled scenario management system that supports online public comment capacity and management.

Project Typology |  Scenario Planning

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