GeoAdaptive is a consulting and research group devoted to the development and analysis of urban and regional information systems. We focus on the use of geographic information technologies to understand the relationships underlying urban, economic and environmental spatial structures. In doing this we facilitate and provide services that improve the decision making process of the built and natural environment. We work at the intersection of urban and environmental planning, and sustainability science and policy to assist clients in unveiling, visualizing, and understanding complex spatial dynamics of infrastructure, conservation and financial investments. Our client list includes national and international agencies, multilateral organizations, foundations and city and regional governments.

What We Do
GeoAdaptive specializes in strategic spatial planning and supporting technologies. Our work uses spatial analysis and scenario methods to help clients visualize alternative futures and their consequences. We deploy a trans-disciplinary approach which engages key stakeholders and integrates best available science using geographic information systems.
Our success lies in the proven experience and the unique interdisciplinary expertise of our team which has worked on some of the most innovative and complex spatial planning projects around the world. We deploy technologies alone with geographic intelligence to assist in the management of assets and associated risk to markets, environments and resources. We continue to pioneer new approaches to regional planning technology and strategy in order to create the most value for our client.
May 2014 | Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas, Principal, and Brittany Meece, Risk and Resilience Analyst, will be presenting at the 5th Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation - Resilient Cities 2014 conference in Bonn, Germany on May 28-29.       Please click on "Learn more" to take our Resiliency Survey.